Chris Perez Shared His & Selena's Marriage Certificate on What Would've Been Their 25th Anniversary

Chris Perez Shared His & Selena's Marriage License on What Would've Been Their 25th Wedding Anniversary

On April 2, 2017, Selena and widower Chris Perez would have celebrated 25 years of marriage.

The couple eloped on the morning of April 2, 1992, in fear that their relationship would never be accepted by Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla. On Sunday, Perez decided to share his marriage certificate with fans via his Facebook page. "It's hard to believe that today marks 25 years since Selena and I decided that the only way to be together...was to run away and get married (at 20 and 22 years old) in secret," he wrote. "What a rollercoaster ride THAT day was. Well, thank you guys (again) for keeping Selena's legacy alive and well, and for the support on this page. It's time to get my day started."

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Perez often shares sweet anecdotes about his late wife, and even live-blogged his experience watching the Selena movie in its entirety for the first time. He also recently shared a photo of himself playing guitar in his room and appropriately captioned it: "Late at night when all the sleeping. I stay up and think of you."

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