WATCH: Chiquis Opens Up About Losing Her Late Mother Jenni Rivera — Twice

The Real

Chiquis is still trying to cope with the loss her late mother, Jenni Rivera.

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On Thursday's episode of The Real, Chiquis and her siblings stopped by to talk about their reality show, The Riveras, and remenisce about their late mom. When host, Adrienne Bailon, asked the 31-year-old star about being estranged with Jenni at the time of her death, the Mexican-American beauty revealed she feels like she lost her mother more than once.

“I always say I lost my mom twice,” Chiquis said. “I lost her October 2, 2012, and then when she left all of us December 9. I think more than anything now, I understand it, when things happen for a reason, and it was meant to happen that way, just because I was a couple of steps ahead in the healing process. But it was horrible because it was a huge misunderstanding, it was a huge lie.”

The Diva de la Banda and her eldest daughter weren’t speaking at the time of her death due to rumors that Chiquis was allegedly having an affair with stepfather Esteban Loaiza, which resulted in the end of the couple's marriage.

While Chiquis has always denied the alleged affair, she blames "toxic voices" for starting these rumors that ultimately caused the feud between the two. “There were a lot of toxic voices around, and I think when you’re in that stardom, you’re in that place, there’s people that want to come near you, and they want to be next to you, and they’ll do anything and say anything,” the "Paloma Blanco" singer explained.

But despite not having a chance to reconcile with her mother, Chiquis admitted she has always held it together for the sake of her siblings. “It was really bad times, but again, I’m trying to see everything. I’m an optimistic person, so I’m like, well maybe it was because I had to be strong for my siblings, cause we were so close."

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Watch all she had to say in the clip below.