Cheating Hearts in Hollywood

Oh, Kat Von D! We feel bad for you, but we can't say that we are the least bit shocked by your recent revelation that ex-fiance Jesse James cheated on you with at least 19 other women throughout your relationship.

At least you are not alone. Demi Moore just announced her decision to divorce hubby Ashton Kutcher after a cheating scandal rocked their marriage last month and they were unable to recover.

There is, unfortunately, a very long list of ladies (and men) who have found themselves in similar situations...

1. Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx, Jesse James & Sandra Bullock

Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx, Jesse James & Sandra Bullock

Kat Von D certainly made a bold decision when she accepted Jesse James' marriage proposal earlier this year, but everyone was so caught up in his cheating scandal that no one really realized Von D was dealing with her own troublesome three-way love affair. Von D was still very much dating her (now ex-boyfriend) Nikki Sixx when she hooked up with James, likely America's most hated man after allegations that he had cheated on Sandra Bullock (repeatedly) during their five year marriage surfaced. A parade of tattooed mistresses followed, all claiming to have bedded James while he was married and he retreated into relative anonymity, selling his famous West Coast Choppers bike shop in Los Angeles and moving to Texas to presumably be closer to his children. But a few months later, he popped up with Von D, who had unceremoniously dumped Sixx for James, and now the two are engaged, or possibly already married.

2. Arnold Shwarzenegger, Maria Shriver & Mildred Patricia Baena

Arnold Shwarzenegger, Maria Shriver & Mildred Patricia Baena

The whole world just basically watched with mouths agape earlier this week as the Governator himself, Arnold Shwarzenegger, held a press conference and admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock while he was married to Maria Shriver. The story only got ickier when news broke that the other woman was a housekeeper named Mildred Particia Baena and that she worked for the family for 20 years, all the while keeping this bombshell secret to herself. In fact, she was pregnant with her baby boy at the same exact time the Ahnold's wife, Maria Shriver, was pregnant with their youngest son and the boys were born just five days apart. Maria has since announced that she would be divorcing Shwarzenegger post-haste. Baena has been unwavering in her support of the Governator and has kept mum about the affair all week.

3. Infidelities: Tony & ELP & BF's wife

Tony & Eva Longoria Parker & Erin Barry

Eva and Tony got married in an incredibly romantic and extravagant ceremony in France, under a sky lit up by fireworks in July of 2007. Unfortunately, Tony Parker fell in to the trap that many an athlete has in the past: sexting. Eva Longoria caught on to his two-timing ways when she found "hundreds of inappropriate text messages" in her hubby’s phone. Making the whole situation even shadier, the woman on the receiving end of the messages was the wife of Tony Parker’s San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry, Erin Barry. Eva promptly filed for divorce and sent out a tweet to all her concerned fans saying, “It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce. We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.”

4. Infidelities: Mario Lopez & Ali Landry

Mario Lopez & Ali Landry & Many Women

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry’s marriage lasted a shockingly short three weeks. After getting hitched in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in April of 2004, Ali found out that Lopez had cheated…the day before their wedding! If that wasn’t despicable enough, he also cheated right after they got married. Ali Landry filed for an annulment of their marriage less than a month after the wedding and married a nice Catholic boy in 2006. ¡Dios mio!

5. Infidelities: Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez & Cris Judd & Ben Affleck

Back in the days before Bennifer (can you even remember that far back?) our homegirl Jenny liked her men a little less famous, marrying backup dancer Cris Judd. The couple met in September of 2001 on the set of her music video for “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” To Cris’s dismay, the marriage ended less than year later, when Jennifer started dating Ben Affleck very publicly though she was still married to Judd. Hey, at least she wasn’t trying to be shady about the affair. Judd and J.Lo were officially divorced by January 2003.

6. Infidelities: Daisy Fuentes & Matt Goss & Luis Miguel

Daisy Fuentes, Matt Goss & Luis Miguel

Daisy Fuentes called it quits with her boyfriend of ten years (and fiancée of seven), Matt Goss, after being caught sneaking around with her ex-boyfriend Luis Miguel. No, it’s not 1995 and unfortunately, Fuentes should know better by now. Luismi unceremoniously dumped the former MTV VJ for Mariah Carey in 1998, amidst rumors that the Mexican crooner had—you guessed it—cheated! Matt Goss was totally blindsided, telling press: "We had a long and loving relationship. This came as a shock especially when you think you really know someone." Fuentes and Luismi seem to be going strong, though they are keeping a very low profile. The couple was spotted in September sneaking out the back door of a hip Miami restaurant.

7. Infidelities: Alex Rodriguez & Cynthia Rodriguez & Madonna

Alex Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez & Madonna

Rodriguez married Cynthia in November of 2002. Although A.Rod denied any wrongdoing, it seemed that everyone in the world except poor Cynthia knew he was a low down dirty cheater! First, he was spotted sneaking around with a stripper in Toronto in 2007. Then, incriminating emails between Rodriguez and notorious madam Kristin Davis were leaked when the Elliot Spitzer Client #9 scandal broke. Apparently, A.Rod’s rumored romance with the Material Girl was the last straw for Cynthia. She filed for divorce in July 2008, citing adultery and emotional abandonment as the cause.

8. Infidelities: Marc Anthony & Dayanara Torres & Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony, Dayanara Torres & Jennifer Lopez

This time J.Lo was on the other side of the cheating scandal. Marc married the gorgeous former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres in May of 2000. Though his relationship with Lopez was reportedly what ultimately split them up, Torres and Anthony had already pushed through a cheating scandal by the time they called it quits for good. In 2003, a Miami waitress filed paternity charges against Anthony, claiming she had born his child. Though DNA tests proved her claims were false, the damage had been done. Marc eventually married Jennifer in June of 2004, just four days after his divorce from Torres was finalized.

9. Infidelities: Robert Rodriguez & Elizabeth Avellan & Rose McGowan

Robert Rodriguez, Elizabeth Avellan & Rose McGowan

Robert Rodriguez divorced his wife of 16 years, Elizabeth Avellan, after cheating on her with actress Rose McGowan on the set of the Grindhouse films he made with Quentin Tarantino. Though reps for the film studio claimed the couple “were separated long before the Grindhouse production began,” Rodriguez went public with his relationship with McGowan at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. Apparently, his split with Avellan was amicable, with the couple agreeing to raise their sons and even continuing to work together and produce Sin City 2. The same can not be said of his relationship with McGowan, the couple split in October of 2009.

10. Infidelities: Eddie Cibrian & Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes

Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes

In what was possibly the most public cheating scandal we’ve witnessed in years, Eddie Cibrian and country darling LeAnn Rimes were caught red-handed in March of 2009 after meeting each other on the set of the made for TV movie Northern Lights. Although there was video evidence, Glanville initially stuck by her man. But Cibrian couldn’t stay away from LeAnn and not long after the news broke of the cheating scandal, both he and Rimes filed for divorce from their respective spouses. Now it seems that Rimes & Cibrian are planning to tie the knot themselves. But Glanville issued a public warning to the blonde singer/actress, saying, “He’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever.” 

11. Infidelities: Christina Milian & The-Dream & Random Latina

Christina Milian, The Dream & Melissa Santiago

Christina Milian was married to music producer The Dream (aka Terius Nash) in September of 2009. The marriage lasted for just 6 short months before photographic evidence surfaced of his affair with his assistant. Nash tried to save his image by releasing a statement claiming that the couple had decided to separate in “late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter Violet.” But it was hard to believe, given the fact that he and Milian had renewed their vows in a second marriage ceremony the very same month he claimed they’d decided to divorce. Oh yeah, and Nash served Milian with papers while she was still in the hospital recovering from the birth of their baby girl, Violet. Sounds more like The Nightmare if you ask us.

12. Infidelities: Shar Jackson & K-Fed & Britney Spears

Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline & Britney Spears

Shar Jackson’s life got turned upside down when her baby daddy, K-Fed started an affair with the insanely famous Britney Spears. The worst part was that the part-Mexican and Puerto Rican actress learned about his transgressions from the tabloids! Though Jackson was six months pregnant with Federline’s second child—in April of 2004, he began dating Britney Spears after they met in a Hollywood club. At the time, Jackson told press, “This just isn't right. It isn't like breaking up a relationship, it's like breaking up a family.” But Spears and Federline paid her no mind, announcing their engagement just three months after they met. 

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