Chayanne's Brother Running for Mayor of PR Town

Chayanne's younger brother, Emanoel Figueroa, has officially announced his plans to run for mayor of San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico—the hometown of the entire Figueroa family.

The pop singer's brother says that Chayenne has been very supportive. "He supports me completely, in every aspect from politics to moral," the youngest Figueroa told "The most important thing is knowing that your family supports you in decisions like this. I have a genuine desire to help," concluded Emanoel.

Father Quintino Figueroa is bursting with pride, telling reporters, "Emanoel, like Chayanne who achieved success in music, will achieve equal success and good will in politics and I'm sure he will work hard for the beloved town of San Lorenzo."

We're sure their family must be so proud, but honestly, we're just happy for the opportunity to gaze at Chayanne, who at 42 is still super fine! We hope his brother takes the singer out for political rallies so we can keep seeing him out and about.