Charlie Sheen Went to Mexico to Seek Alternative HIV Treatment

During his appearance on The Dr. Oz Show earlier this week, Charlie Sheen revealed that he went off his medication and traveled to Mexico to seek an alternative HIV treatment.

In November 2015, Sheen, 50, publicly revealed he was HIV positive. 

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In the pre-taped segment, Sheen travels Mexico-based office of Dr. Sam Chachoua, a doctor without license to practice in the United States who claims to be working on an HIV vaccine. Keep in mind that even Dr. Oz seemed pretty skeptical about this guy.

In a startling admission, Dr. Chachoua admits he injected some of Sheen's own blood into his bloodstream to prove his confidence in the treatment. "I drew some blood from him, and I injected myself with it," the quasi-doctor told Dr. Oz. "I said, 'Charlie, if I don't know what I'm doing, then we're both in trouble now, aren't we?'"

Dr. Chachoua claim that his treatments worked, and Sheen has become "the first person in history without antiviral therapy" to be cured.

Unfortunately, it appears the treatment did not work long-term. When he disclosed his diagnosis, Sheen had an undetectable amount of HIV in his blood — which means he's safe if he stays on his meds. However, after abandoning his medicine in favor of alternative treatments, Sheen revealed he now had detectable traces of HIV in his blood. "I didn't see it as Russian roulette," Sheen told Dr. Oz. "I didn't see it as a complete dismissal of the conventional course we've been on. I'm not recommending that anyone else do this — I'm presenting myself as somewhat of a guinea pig."

Dr. Oz convinced Sheen to visit a licensed physician and resume his medication treatment. "I'm gonna take them on the flight home," Sheen told him. "What am I, an idiot?"

Sheen's manager told People that the actor resumed his medications on Dec. 8, after the episode was taped.

Sheen also dished on his relationship with his famous father, Martin Sheen. He told Dr. Oz his HIV diagnosis brought him closer to his dad. "We're better friends these days than we've ever been," he revealed. "We don't agree on everything — obviously, what father and son do? He's a special cat. I'm really lucky to have him."

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