Charlie Sheen: 5 Seriously Loco Moments

Happy 49th Birthday, Charlie Sheen!

Sheen (née Carlos Irwin Estevez) is better known for his #winningest moments than his starring roles in Wall Street, Major League and Two and a Half Men. 

Today, we're commemorating 49 years of craziness with five of Charlie Sheen's most loco moments of all time:

1. Charlie Sheen: Kelly Preston

#1: That time he 'accidentally' shot Kelly Preston. 

Oh, you thought Charlie Sheen's antics began just a few years ago? Wrong.

Twenty years ago, Kelly Preston almost became Mrs. Charlie Sheen. She changed her mind when Sheen 'accidentally' shot her in the arm in a bizarre incident that remains unexplained to this day. Preston ended the engagement, and later married actor John Travolta. But, she still believes that some good remains in Charlie Sheen. Somewhere in there...

"He's such a good person underneath all of it, he really is," she told People in 2011.

Surprisingly, he still convinced four other women to marry him after this incident. His three subsequent marriages — to Donna Peele in 1995, Denise Richards in 2002, and Brooke Mueller in 2008 — all ended in drama. In February 2014, he became engaged to adult film star Brett Rossi.

2. Charlie Sheen: Chuck Lorre

#2: That time he got into a heated feud with Chuck Lorre.

Moments after being fired from CBS's hit show Two and a Half Men, Sheen was spotted celebrating his dismissal by drinking "tiger blood" and waving a machete through the air. 

Sheen, who held the title of highest paid man on television, was fired from the sitcom after eight seasons because of a nasty feud with the show's creator Chuck Lorre. Lorre fired Sheen after he went on a drug and booze-filed bender in the New York City Plaza Hotel, and Sheen proceeded to call Lorre a "turd" and a "clown" among other insults. 

The actor later told Today that CBS execs waged a "war against [his] family," and warned that they had picked a fight with a "warlock." Okay then, Charlie. 

3. Charlie Sheen: Tiger Blood

#3: That time he coined the phrase "tiger blood."

Following his dismissal from Two and a Half Men, Sheen suffered through a very public meltdown that included drug and alcohol abuse and numerous baffling and bizarre on-air appearances. During an interview with ABC News' Andrea Canning, Sheen addressed his psychological problems and issues with substance abuse. However, he adamantly denied that he needed treatment to face his demons. 

In fact, when asked if he suffered from bi-polar disorder, he countered in the most awesome way possible. "I'm bi-winning!" he said.

Later in the interview, he told the host that he's "too smart" to go down from drug addiction. He also claimed that "tiger blood" runs through his veins and keeps him from overdosing. Yes, tiger blood. 



4. Charlie Sheen: Drugs

#4: That time he said he was addicted to Charlie Sheen. 

In a baffling interview with Today, Sheen claimed that he kicked his drug addiction with "the power of his mind." Allegedly clean and sober, Sheen claimed he only indulged in one vice. "I'm on a drug," he said. "It's called Charlie Sheen."

"It's not available because if you try it once, you will die," he continued. "Your face will melt off, and your children will weep over your exploded body." 

The moral of the story: don't do drugs. Especially not drugs named "Charlie Sheen."


5. Charlie Sheen: Winning

#5: That time he proved he was #winning.

Charlie Sheen proved that #winning really is a matter of perception. Drug addiction? No problem. A failing career? No big deal. In the midst of scandal, controversy, and addiction, Sheen coined the phrase #winning to describe his stance on life. 

"You make a choice to win, and you win," he said. "Winning! You starting to get the concept now?"