5 Celebs Starring in the Weirdest Commercials

Celebrities often lend their names and faces to some very interesting, uh, causes. Check out some of the weirdest commercials stars like Mario Lopez and Penelope Cruz have starred in:

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1. Mario Lopez Toe

Mario Lopez has recently been seen in a toe fungus commercial, where he stars as himself. Check out the hilarious video. 

2. Penelope Cruz Nin

Penelope Cruz decided to take part in a Nintendo DS commercial alongside her sister. We wonder if she is still trying to win the game.

3. Eva Longoria Dom

Eva Longoria has been showing off her gorgeous face in a Domino's commercial where she is obsessed with ordering pizza. She looks like she is in love with watching Netflix and chilling with a slice of pizza.

4. Christina Aguilera Pepsi

Christina Aguilera is transported from country to country in this old Pepsi commercial. We think our favorite is when she's rocking a very sexy belly dancing outfit. 

5. Mariah Carey Game

Mariah Carey decided it was time to slay the dragons in her latest commercial. The diva appears in an ad for the fan favorite Game of War.