5 Celebs with Ties to Liquor Brands

Celebrities are famous all around the world  — whether it's for their music or acting.Bbut little did you know a lot of them have ties to liquor brands. From Diddy's Ciroc to Pitbull's vodka, check out what other celebs have ties to the liquor business: 

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1. Celebs with Ties to Liquor Brands: Jay-Z

Jay-Z is a mogul that knows where to find good liquor. The 46-year-old invested in the brand Ace of Spades, a champagne brand that'll run you $760 a bottle. 

2. Celebs with Ties to Liquor Brands: Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana can play his guitar like no other man, but once upon a time he also had his own tequila line called Casa Noble. The tequila brand was bought out in late 2014. 

3. Celebs with Ties to Liquor Brands: Pitbull

Mr. 305 aka Pitbull endorsed the amazing vodka line, Voli vodka. He even featured them in the video in his songs "Give Me Everything" and "Rain Over Me."

4. Celebs with Ties to Liquor Brands: Drake

Drake started from the bottom and now he's coming out with his own whiskey. The rapper announced his plans to announce a line called Virginia Black. We can't wait to have a little sip of that! 

5. Celebs with Ties to Liquor Brands: Fergie

Fergie is bringing in the dough with her Voli Light Vodka partnership. The singer is not only a spokesperson for the brand, but she is also an owner.