5 Celebs Who Wrote Songs About Their Famous Exes

Many musicians seem to draw inspiration from their past lovers. Taylor Swift is well-known for writing a hit single for every ex-boyfriend. Even megastars like Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber have written songs about their exes. Curious for more? Click through to see which stars have written songs about former flames: 

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1. The heart wants

Selena Gomez really let it all out in her hit ballad, "The Heart Wants What It Wants." In the song, she belts: "The bed's getting cold and you're not here. The future that we hold is so unclear. But I'm not alive until you call." This song is clearly a shot at her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber

2. Big Sean1

When Big Sean released the song "I Don't F**k You", everyone assumed it was about his ex-fiancé Naya Rivera. He even revealed to Ryan Seacrest that the song was indeed about her. "As an artist, you just have to do that sometimes," he said. "It's funny how records, sometimes they relate to you more later on, sometimes they don't. Obviously it kind of fits my situation."

3. Love Don't Cost

Jennifer Lopez certainly knows how to throw shade at her past flames. Her famous hit "Love Don't Cost a Thing" was reportedly written about her ex Diddy. Clearl,  he didn't show her how much he loved her. 

4. Skyscraper

The song "Skyscraper" is about Demi Lovato overcoming a heartbreak no matter what it takes. But, suspiciously, the song was released right after she called it quits with Joe Jonas.

5. Nothing

Before Selena Gomez released her ode to Bieber, he released a song about his love for the Mexicana. The Biebs wrote "Nothing Like Us" to describe the love he shared with Gomez.