The 17 Craziest Latino Celeb Twitter Armies!

If you aren’t on Twitter, you haven’t really made it in Hollywood. Correction: if you don’t have a Twitter army you haven’t made it big in Hollywood. From Prince Royce's Roycenaticas to Mariah Carey's Lambs, they all have creative names — and they fight hard for their chosen celebrities!

Check out the 17 Twitter armies with the craziest names: 

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1. Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos 


Romeo Santos addicts teamed up as the #Romeistas to obsess over the bachata star. You can find his army frequently praising the singer for his must-dance music and irresistible looks.

2. Prince Royce

Prince Royce 


Prince Royce's army is as loyal as they come, constantly showing him love via #Roycenaticas or #TeamRoyce. Of course, the "Stuck On A Feeling" singer gives the love right back. 

3. Twitter slide 01

Jasmine V


With more than one million fans on Twitter, it is no wonder Jasmine V has a loyal following. Jasminators as she calls them even have their own T-shirts “I’m An Explosive Jasminator.” She has fans all over the world and it’s no wonder they line up for hours waiting for her performance.

4. Twitter slide 02

Bella Thorne


This Cuban Disney Princess has over 3.5 million Twitter followers and one of her loves is her fan group: Bellarinas.  There are all over the world, from right here in the United States to countries like Russia and South Africa.

5. Twitter slide 03

Bruno Mars


Named after his debut album Doo-Wops and Hooligans, Bruno Mars calls his beloved fans Hooligans. Normally this term can be offensive to some but in this regard it’s a term of endearment. Recently when Bruno Mars mother passed away Hooligans send tons of supporting messages and always remind him to “stay strong.”

6. Twitter slide 04

Demi Lovato


The part-Mexican singer has a strong basis in her Lovatics, which is what her fans call themselves. Last year, when Demi was going through an emotional rollercoaster her fans were there for her sending thousands of tweets reinforcing how much they love her.  It’s that kind of loyalty that makes Demi gush, “I love my fans. They’re not even my fans—they’re my family and my friends.”


7. Twitter slide 05

Selena Gomez


Another Mexican makes the list! Selena Gomez’s twitter fans are so obsessed they even send her tons of love when her little sister Gracie was born. Knowing that she has an army of Twitter followers makes her extra conscious when it comes to tweeting. She even gives her followers advice sometimes like: "You ARE who you hang with. Be aware of yourself. You may start to believe and become those around you. Positive. or negative."

8. Twitter slide 06

Mariah Carey


More than 11 million followers and counting, this super star has her fans or Lambs, as she likes to call them to thank for that. Her little lambs are always tweeting her letting her know just how creative they think she is and she is always tweeting back pictures of her beautiful children, Monroe and Morocco with husband Nick Cannon.

9. Twitter slide 07

Jennifer Lopez


She’s been around for more than a decade and with that comes millions of fans worldwide. Jennifer Lopez has given her fans the name of JLOVE!RS. This is to show just how much they love her and she loves them. With more than 20 million Twitter followers it is no wonder JLO has such a loyal following.

10. Twitter slide 08

Becky G


Becky G has always been a fan of her fans! She is always retweeting her fans and giving them shout-outs whenever she releases a new music video or song. She has more than 170,000 followers on Twitter and has named her fan Beasters. They are always going hard for her and that’s why she has given them that lovely nickname.

11. Twitter slide 09

Naya Rivera


It’s the one and only official account for Naya Rivera’s Twitter army. They adorably refer to Naya as their “boo-biscuit.” Their mission is to serve their favorite star: Naya Rivera. Instead of wearing camouflage they are wearing Glee T-shirts and cheerleading outfits like Rivera’s character Santana Lopez. 

12. Twitter slide 10

Lazaro Arbos


He made it to the top 10 on season 12 of American Idol and while on the show he gained a lot of fans. They call themselves Lazis and are all about all things Lazaro Arbos. With over 79,000 followers, he is always tweeting his fans and making them feel like they matter.

13. Twitter slide 11

Fifth Harmony


Fifth Harmony fans, Harmonizers, are going crazy right now with the announcement that Fifth Harmony is going on tour. They gained fame after appearing on “X Factor USA” and making the crowd fall in love with them.

14. Twitter slide 12

Daddy Yankee


With well over five million followers, this reguetonero has his own army of followers. They refer to themselves as DYNATION and work like a well-oiled machine. On Twitter you will often see hash tags such as #DYArmy and tweets like: “Somos 1 Army!! No jugamos!! Esto es DYNATION!!”

15. Twitter slide 13

Jake T. Austin


With diehard fans like @TEAMAUSTINATTACK this Spanish and Argentine actor’s Twitter army comes from all over the world. They have grounds in places like Bolivia, Guatemala, Venezuela and Mexico… just to name a few. Now he’s on the ABC’s show The Fosters and is using his fans to make hash tags like #JesusAndLexi trend worldwide.

16. Twitter slide 14

Evelyn Lozada


Star of VH1’s hit show Basketball Wives and our very own Latina fitness blogger, this Boricua’s Twitter page is definitely a “mother*******” factor. With more than one million twitter followers it is no matter she has her own fan base. EvelynLFanatics as they like to call themselves definitely go hard for their girl, coming to her defense whenever someone is trying to get out of line.

17. Twitter slide 15

Victoria Justice


These fans have nothing medieval about them. Victorians is their name and all things Victoria Justice is their game. This Puerto Rican actress has more than five million followers and is always retweeting them. To add her to sensational Twitter feed this rock star also posts videos on YouTube where she answers questions from her millions of fans.