Celebrity Matchmaker: 16 Stars Who Should Date

Ah young amor! These celebs are all single, so we decided to play matchmaker. Scroll through to see which stars we think would make the perfect pairs:

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1. Tyler Posey and Bethany Mota

Tyler Posey recently split from his long-time girlfriend and could use some comforting. We think YouTube star Bethany Mota is a sweetheart and would definitely make him smile!

2. Melanie Iglesias and Donald Glover

We think Melanie Iglesias needs a funny man like Donald Glover in her life! She was hilarious on Girl Code and these two could spend hours making each other laugh.

3. Paola Andino and Nat Wolff

Paola Andino is new to the scene and could use the guidance of another celeb like Nat Wolff. The Fault in Our Stars actor started out on Nickelodeon as well so this is perfect!

4. Bella Thorne and Jake T. Austin

Bella Thorne and Jake T. Austin are both former Disney celebs who are now busy branching off and doing more mature roles. Plus, how cute would they be!?

5. Becky G and Austin Mahone

Rumor has it that Becky G and Austin Mahone might already be an item! We think they would make an adorable, music making couple.

6. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello and Canadian singer Shawn Mendes would make such an adorable pair! They've been on tour together in the past and we're hoping there were some sparks there.

7. Jasmine V and Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas may be a few years older than Jasmine V (he's 25 and she's 21), but we think these two would be great together For one, they're both singers! And while Jonas tends to go for blondes, we think he would be more than happy to switch things up a bit for the "That's Me's Right There" beauty.

8. Cierra Ramirez and Jordan Rodrigues

Cierra Ramirez and Jordan Rodrigues already have amazing chemistry as an on-screen couple on The Fosters, so why not translate that relationship to real life!?