12 Latinos Rocking Man Buns is the Best Thing You'll See All Day

Look around, ladies. The fellas are rocking long hair left and right, and the man bun trend has everyone talking.

Man buns, better known as the ultimate chick magnet, have been seen on many famous stars, but a few of our favorite Latinos have yet to take part in the fun.

Click through to see which celebs we think could rock a man bun better than any chica could: 

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1. Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas looks great with a man bun, but we just wish he had one in Spy Kids, too.

2. Adam Rodriguez

....but we're glad Adam Rodriguez didn't have one for Magic Mike XXL.

3. Bruno Mars

It's no surprise that Bruno Mars' bun has a life of its own!

4. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez or champion sumo wrestler of the world?

5. Miguel

Seriously, how does Miguel not have this man bun already?

6. Pitbull

Though its undecided whether or not Pitbull would be on board with a MB, Mr. 305 can successfully rock practically any trend. 

7. Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman's everyday look is too cute for words, but a good bun moment gives him the bad boy edge that every girl wants.

8. Wilmer Valderrama

If only Wilmer Valderrama had this man bun during his That '70s Show days.

9. William Levy

Don't get it twisted, William Levy is already perfect. But he's even prettier with the added bonus of the bun.

10. Victor Rasuk

What are the chances we see a man bun on Victor Rasuk in the next Fifty Shades of Grey film?

11. Aaron Diaz

We're petitioning to get a full list of Aaron Diaz's hair products that help his man bun look so good.

12. Prince Royce

#Roycenaticas, are you down with Prince Royce's sky-high 'do?