10 Celebrity Dad Quotes That Will Make You Melt

Honestly, is there anything sexier than a man who devotes all his time and energy to his children? Whether they're cuddling with their bebés or talking about their love for them, these celebrity dads make us swoon with their incredible parenting skills.

From Ricky Martin to Benjamin Bratt, these Latino padres have the sweetest things to say about their kids: 

1. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, the single father of twins Matteo and Valentino, opened up about the incredible ways fatherhood changed him. "[It taught me] heavy lessons about simplicity and unconditional love. I don't want to sound cliché -- another father talking about unconditional love -- but man, that's the way it is. You hear it all the time, but when you feel this other branch of love getting stronger and stronger every day, it's just amazing," he said. 

2. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez, the father of Gia and Dominic, admitted that parenting comes with its own unique set of challenges. "The hardest part of my new life as a dad is leaving for work in the morning," he said. "These kids have totally changed my life. They are simply fantastic!" 

3. Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt, father to Mateo and Sophia, admitted that parenting is tough -- but rewarding. He said, "Being a parent is a hard gig. But, at the same time, there's nothing more rewarding that those treasured moments -- the down time, kicking a soccer ball, building a fire in the house, or making a meal."

4. Diego Luna

When Diego Luna first became a father, he gushed about the experience. "Well, it's just everything is easier now. There is just one reason for you to be here. It's to make sure someone else is happy, and [he] has everything he needs," he said. "It's as simple as that... It's a different kind of love that you didn't know existed. It makes everything easier really." These days, the Mexican actor has two bundles of joy to love: Jeronimo and Fiona

5. Gael Garcia Bernal

"I think everyone who becomes a father or becomes a mother goes through this change of priorities," Gael Garcia Bernal told us about fatherhood. "It's a difficult thing to explain because it's such a complex thing, and yet it's so simple. So, the best way I can explain it is: finally, there's someone more important than me that I have to consider. It's incredible." 

Bernal and his wife, Dolores Fonzi, have two children: Libertad and Lázaro

6. Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa's husband sounded off on his strict approach to parenting his three children, Joaquin, Michael and Lola. "I love my kids, but I'm not their friend. I don't even like them very much!" he joked. "I'm there to make sure of three things: they stay out of rehab, the morgue, and jail."


7. Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz admits that welcoming his daughter, Kennedy, into the world changed his life. "There are times when you want to spend those nights with your daughter at home, but you have to go do work-related events or attend practice, things like that," he told us. "I just try to cherish the little moments that I do get with her, and I try to make those same moments as long as possible. When I have her for the night, it's just 'her and me' time. I try to balance it out well."

8. J. Alvarez

J. Alvarez, the father of four children, told us all about the best part of being a father. "Seeing their smiles," he said. "Those hugs, you feel that energy from them -- that innocence. It sends you in the clouds; it's a blessing being a father. And being able to buy them their little things, it's so satisfying. It really is."

9. J.R. Martinez

"One of the things that I do right and I want to continue to do right is be an amazing father to my daughter. I want to be someone that she can look at and be proud of. I never want to let her down. It's a huge responsibility -- more than just providing. I want to lead by example and do the right thing," J.R. Martinez told us about his daughter, Lauren Annabelle. 

10. Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi spoke about the surprising aspects of fatherhood. "I've become a more patient person. Little things too: I've become a better driver. Even when she's not in the car, I'm more cautious about life in general, and I'm more focused about life in general. I try to enjoy the little moments a lot more than I did before," he said. Fonsi is the father to one daughter, Mikaela.