A Look at Your Fave Celebs' Family Tree

We love celebrating Latino celebs, but now we want to recognize their ancestral roots beyond what we know today as Latin America. From Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez, check out where your favorite celebrities are from: 

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1. Fav Celeb Family Tree: Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon is a super proud Ecuadorian-Boricua, but it turns out she has a lot more roots than that. The talk show host did a DNA test on The Real, where she discovered she has Native American and European ancestry. 

2. Fav Celeb Family Tree: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was born in Texas, and she is very proud of her Southwestern roots. Gomez's dad, Ricardo Joel Gomez, is of Mexican descent, while her mother, Amanda Dawn Cornett, is of Italian descent. 

3. Fav Celeb Family Tree: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is a super proud American, but she has very deep Mexican roots. The actress is one of four daughters born to her ninth-generation parents Ella Eva and Enrique Longoria Jr. 


4. Fav Celeb Family Tree: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was born and raised in California, but her roots are extensive.The actress has Mexican, Danish, Welsh, German, English and French ancestry.  

5. Fav Celeb Family Tree: Selena

Selena was a Tejana and proud of it, but that's not where her ancestral story begins. The late singer's roots go back to Mexico and, from her father, the Native American tribe the Cherokees.

6. Fav Family Tree: Thalia

Thalia has always been very outspoken about her Mexican roots, but that isn't all that makes up who she is. The singer also has Spanish and Italian ancestry. 

7. Fav Celeb Family tree: Genesis Rodriguez

Our cover star Genesis Rodriguez was born and raised in Florida, but she actually has Cuban, Venezuelan and Spanish roots. 

8. Fav Celeb Family Tree: Gisele Bundchen

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen was born in Brazil, but both of her parents are actually of German descent. 

9. Fav Celeb Family Tree: Sofia Vergara

Sofía Vergara was born in Colombia, but she has some very interesting origins. The 43-year-old has Venezuelan, Italian and potentially distant Basque roots.