8 Celebs Who Have Been Victims of Racial Profiling

Recent tragic news surrounding the Orlando shooting, #BlackLivesMatter and ongoing police brutality has sparked a compelling and necessary conversation among celebrities about race and discrimination.

The celebs ahead have bravely spoken out about being racially profiled in the past. Click through to hear their stories.

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1. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: President Obama

Last year, President Barack Obama proved that racial profiling happens regardless of your social status.

The half-Black president spoke on his experiences with racial profiling, explaining that he has gotten pulled over, at times, for no apparent reason at all. “The data shows that this is not an aberration,” he said. “It doesn’t mean each case is a problem. It means that when you aggregate all the cases and you look at it, you’ve gotta say that there’s some racial bias in the system.”

2. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: George Lopez

George Lopez's experience with racial profiling wasn't a direct attack on him, but he stood up for all Latinos anyway.

Lopez criticized Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio back in 2012 after he reportedly profiled Latinos as undocumented immigrants. The comedian took his anger out on stage, calling the sheriff out in a hilarious way. 

3. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: Oprah

Even Oprah can't escape the hate. 

The talk show host once had a very Selena-moment when shopping at a boutique in Switzerland. The store clerk reportedly refused to hand Oprah a handbag because it was too expensive. The store clerk has since denied the accusations, but there was no other logical explanation for the situation.

4. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: QuestLove

Musician and cookbook author Questlove told the story of his "humiliating" racial profiling experiences, which spanned between 20 to 30 times of getting pulled over for no apparent reason. More specifically, he explained that he was once pulled over while campaigning for President Obama, where he was explicitly searched and questioned.

5. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: Chris Rock

Comedian Chris Rock has (very publicly) spoken out about his experiences with racial profiling.

In 2015, Rock began a photo series documenting every time he got pulled over by the cops. The star was questioned three times in two months for reasons not specified.

6. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: Tyson Beckford

In 2013, Tyson Beckford filed a lawsuit against high-end department store Barney's and the NYPD after he explained he was followed around while shopping.

7. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: Taraji P Henson

Empire star Taraji P. Henson found herself in the midst of a racial profiling scandal just last year.

Henson claimed her son was profiled and stopped by campus police for "having his hands in his pockets." "I'm not paying $50K so I can't sleep at night wondering is this the night my son is getting racially profiled on campus," she said. Later on, however, the actress apologized for falsely accusing police offiers of racial profiling, after hearing more details regarding her son's situation.

8. TK Celebs Who Have Been Victim to Racial Profiling: Yesi Ortiz

Power 106 host Yesi Ortiz has opened up about being racially profiled in her own communites: “I grew up in a predominately white neighborhood and being one of the first minorities in that community, I experienced a lot of racism. The way I was being looked at, the way I talked and even sometimes when I would say a word, they would look at me differently. I think just embracing my culture and embracing who I am and having the confidence to say 'I am not going to live by who you judge me as, I am going to live who I am.’ That really made me overcome obstacles.”