10 Celebrities Who Have Embraced Their Imperfections

Despite what you may think, celebrities aren't perfect and that's okay! From gap teeth to major scars, stars like Becky G and Cindy Crawford have all learned to not only accept, but embrace their imperfections:

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1. Bella Thorne

Just because they’re celebrities, it doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from common skin issues such as acne. Bella Thorne has been very vocal about her long battle with her breakouts. Though she revealed she used to “cry almost every night for months,” the Famous in Love actress is now embracing her insecurity by proudly showing off her skin on social media. Thanks to sharing her own experience with acne, the former Disney Channel star has landed several campaigns with beauty brands like Neutrogena and Bioré.  

2. Becky G

Becky G embraces her imperfection with a smile. The “Can’t Stop Dancing” singer has received a lot hate because of her gap teeth, but she is certainly redefining beauty. "I've come to peace with my gap," Becky G said in an interview. "I had braces when I was younger, and it came back. There's no escaping the gap, it's not going anywhere."

3. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford turned her imperfection into a trademark. The 49-year-old model became an international sensation because of the mole above her lip. Crawford admitted to almost removing the infamous mole. "Everyone bantered me about it and I wanted to remove it," she said. “I often tell young women that my shortcoming became ironically my trademark and I encourage them to love everything about themselves - even the parts which are not perfect."

4. Lea Michele

Lea Michele is one of TV's biggest stars, so it's hard to believe managers actually told her wasn’t she pretty enough to be on screen. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, the actress revealed that she was told to get a rhinoplasty in order to get into the business. “How many managers told me, 'Get a nose job. You’re not pretty enough?' But I proved them wrong,” Michele also told GQ. "My mom always told me, growing up, 'Barbra Streisand didn't get a nose job. You're not getting a nose job.' And I didn't."

5. Kate Bosworth

Believe it or not it's actually possible to have two different colored eyes! Kate Bosworth has one blue eye and one hazel eye due to a condition known as heterochromia. The actress revealed that her unique look has helped her land certain movie roles. For her role as Lois Lane for the 2006's Superman Returns, the director wanted to keep her natural eyes on film. Bosworth told Australia's The Sun Herald, "now the Lois Lane dolls have different colored eyes."


6. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is one of Hollywood’s hottest men. The Puerto Rican-born actor has a visible scar above his upper lip and contrary to popular belief, the scar is actually not a result of being burned nor a cleft lip. In an interview, Phoenix stated that during his mother’s pregnancy she felt a strong pain and he thinks that caused the scar.

7. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi's 7-inch scar is actually her favorite part of her body. The visible scar was a result of a car accident when she was 14. "I love it because it makes me a person who has an interesting past," the Top Chef star told People.

8. Andy Garcia

Que?! There could have been two Andy Garcias!? Cuban actor Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin the size of a tennis ball attached to his shoulder. The malformed sibling was surgically removed a little after Garcia was born. The actor still has the scar on his shoulder.

9. Karolina Kurkova

Even Victoria's Secret Angels have imperfections! The media attacked Czech model Karolina Kurkova for not having a belly button. Kurkova was actually born with a belly button but according to her reps, "She had an operation when she was an infant." Belly button or not, the supermodel looks smoking hot and confident in her own skin!

10. Charlie Villanueva

Charlie Villanueva did not let his imperfections get in the way of becoming a professional athlete. The Dominican basketball player, who currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks, was born with an autoimmune skin disease that results in hair loss throughout the body. Villanueva has used his fame to become a spokesman for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, where he inspires and gives hope to many who suffer from the condition.