The 6 Most Supportive Celebrity Abuelitas

Who will love and support you more than abuela? The answer is: No one!

These celebrities' grandmas have stuck by their grandchildren's side, and supported their every career move and mistake. Click through to see Hollywood's most supportive abuelitas:

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1. 1

At the 2015 American Music Awards, Ariana Grande showed off her adorable grandma in the best way possible — by thanking her nonna for all her love, support, encouragement, and AMAs votes!

2. 2

Selena Gomez's abuela has often spoken out about her love for her granddaughter and how proud she is of her budding career.

3. 3

Even Justin Bieber has showed off his grandma more than once, and has spoken out about how she helps keep him humble and on track.

4. 4

Katy Perry has attended many events with her grandmother in arm, much because of her endless love and support. Perry has explained that her grandma is the person who is "in charge of her morals."

5. 5

Becky G credits her adorable abuelita for bringing her to the top of her game.

6. 6

Gina Rodriguez can't help but gush over the women that raised her, including her grandmother who taught her how to be a strong, positive female.