8 Celebs Who Are Just Like Their On-Screen Characters

A good actor or actress can make fans believe that their on-screen character is their true persona. Although we know that they are only playing the part, some celebs actually are a lot like the characters they portray on screen.

Check out eight celebrities who are just like their on-screen characters: 

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1. Gina Rodriguez

Aside from the baby bump, Gina Rodriguez boasts many similarities to her character on Jane the Virgin. We’re sure Rodriguez has no trouble channeling her sweet, hopeful, and caring nature into her character.

2. 2

Mad Men’s notorious Don Draper was known for his bad boy ways and attraction to drinking. Unfortunately, actor Jon Hamm has been known to engage in similar activities, although he completed a stint in rehab earlier this year. 

3. Rory Gilmore

Alexis Bledel played Gilmore Girls’ Rory Gilmore for seven years, but she can’t seem to leave the role behind her. Bledel kept almost always plays a good girl, and she even channeled her inner-Rory in 2012 when she urged her fans to re-elect Barack Obama.  

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s casting in Selena proved to be extremely controversial, because fans didn't appreciate that Lopez, a native born Nuyorican, would play a Tejana. However, Lopez commanded the stage (and the screen), and she continues to celebrate Selena’s legacy. Lopez has become a Latina singing icon, too! 

5. America Ferrera

America Ferrera may have perfectly portrayed the nerdy Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty, but she proves she's anything but that on a daily basis. Ferrera is so different to her on-screen character, in fact, that she coined the term "Bettification", to describe the process of creating her onscreen persona. Despite her physical differences from the character, Ferrera proved to have the same spirit, soul, and good-hearted nature as Betty, and was even congratulated by the U.S. House of Representatives for being a role model for young Hispanics.

6. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez began his acting career on Saved by the Bell in 1989, and he hasn't left his role as character A.C. Slater since. Slater was the adorable jock, star athlete, and ladies' man — and, well, Mario Lopez has been all of those things, too.

7. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Gloria Pritchett on Modern Family, and her character’s funny quips and ways don’t fall far from her own. Pritchett often mispronounces common English words (which Vergara has said is often improvised), and boasts the same Colombian hometown as Vergara.

8. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen displays many similarities characteristics to Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. Harper has a sarcastic, somewhat argumentative personality, which Sheen accurately portrayed prior to his meltdown on the show.