7 Shocking Celeb Reveals Made While Playing ‘Never Have I Ever'

We all have secrets we’d rather not admit out loud, but some of our fave Latinx stars were recently forced to spill them.

These celebs played a game of Never Have I Ever, and there were some major skeletons exposed. Bad Bunny might have a case of sticky fingers, teenage Messiah had some stalking habits – admit it, you have looked through your ex’s social media, too – and Servando had to chug away to his sketchy techniques with the ladies.

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Check out what your favorite celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba, are embarrassed about. 

1. Never Have I Ever: Jennifer Lopez

Never Have I Ever Jennifer Lopez

The "Never:" Never have I ever snuck a man into the house while my kids were asleep. 

The Answer: "I have, that’s awful. [Laughs] You have to do it when they’re asleep. You can’t just be parading people. Come on," said Jennifer Lopez.

2. Never Have I Ever: Maluma

Never Have I Ever Maluma

The "Never:" Never have I ever texted a naked photo.

 The Answer: "I have never, of course. [Laughs] That’s too much! Leila, what do you think about me," said Maluma.

3. Never Have I Ever: Bad Bunny

Never Have I Ever Bad Bunny

The "Never:" Never have I ever stolen something from a restaurant.

The Answer: Bad Bunny takes a massive swig from his glass, as Farruko laughes. Translation: “I have!”

4. Never Have I Ever: Jessica Alba

Never Have I Ever Jessica Alba

The "Never:" Never have I ever been my own glam squad. 

The Answer: "I have for sure done my own hair and makeup for big events. It’s usually when I’m the 'fail.' You know when they’re like 'fail or not fail.' When I do my own hair and makeup ... it’s like 'fail,'" said Jessica Alba.

5. Never Have I Ever: Messiah

Never Have I Ever Messiah

The "Never:" Never have I ever stalked an ex on social media.

The Answer: Messiah raises his glass to indicate he has stalked an ex, but explains: “No, I’m not a psycho. When I was younger, 18, 19 years old, not now. I’ve done it before." To which Farruko adds, “It’s valid through love."


6. Never Have I Ever: Servando

Never Have I Ever Servando

The "Never:" Never have I ever dated two people at the same time.

The Answer: Servano takes a sip, then points to his glass before chugging it. Point taken!


7. Never Have I Ever: Nicole Richie

Never Have I Ever Nicole Richie

The "Never:" Never have I ever worn flats. 

The Answer: "Oh, I always wear flats. Yes, I mean I wear heels sometimes, but you just never know when a Salt-N-Pepa jam is going to come on, and that’s what you need flats for," said Nicole Richie.