Cardi B Was Sexually Assaulted by a "Fan" and You Won't Believe the Disgusting Reactions

Every day we are given proof that being in the limelight doesn’t always protect you from cruel and degrading people. Despite popular belief, rape culture is still a prevalent issue, and it runs rampant.

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While in Vegas for the legendary Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight, Cardi B’s weekend turned sour when someone uninvitingly grabbed her butt. Excuse me...WHAT?!

In this video that surfaced after the incident, Cardi is surrounded by bodyguards and is clearly upset, saying “That n**** just grabbed my whole ass.”


Damn some dude PALMED #cardib ass while she walked thru. She wasn't happy bout dat.

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The shade room also uploaded this video, and Cardi is heard asking the perpetrator, “why would you grab my ass?”


#PressPlay: Oop! #CardiB was quick to check someone for grabbing her butt

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Cardi is no stranger to defending all things feminism. Although Cardi has been very open about her former days as an exotic dancer, that is no excuse nor invitation for a creepy guy to grab her butt. Unsurprisingly, however, there are still people who don’t exactly agree. In the comment section, people wrote things like, "She's used to that from the strip club. What? She's too nice for it now?" and "I hate when b*tches act brand new when they get a lil money. Bish that ass get slapped all the time." 

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Cardi B has been dominating the charts for several weeks, and recently wowed Americans with her performance at the VMAs. Despite all of the blessings that have come her way, life throws incidents like this one at her, as a reminder of how scary it is to be a woman in this world.