Cardi B Claps Back at Promoter For Calling Her Rude!

Cardi B has already let us know that you can’t mess with her, even if you wanted to. The former Love & Hip Hop star is enjoying her big break with her chart-topping single, “Bodak Yellow.” With all the attention she’s been receiving, it’s no secret that the artist's franchise is a hot commodity, and in high demand. And with all eyes on her, it’s only fitting that she will be subject to some form of scrutiny.

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The part-Dominican, part-Trinidadian rapper was recently booked by an event promoter to make an appearance at a small gig in Milwaukee. According to him, the entire process went less than smoothly, and even took to Instagram to voice his opinion on how she apparently does business. 


Some dude upset with @iamcardib over a booking

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According to the promoter, after being booked with enough time in advance, the 24-year-old missed her flight to Milwaukee, had a private jet flown out to get her afterward, and arrived to the event with an attitude and rude disposition, treating the hosts poorly. To make matters worse, the promoter claims that he dropped a hefty $55k for the Bronx native to make an appearance, expecting an apology or good vibes in return at the very least. Yikes. 

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Rather than allowing the situation to pass and ignoring the promoter’s accusations, Cardi B decided to grab the bull by the horn and let people hear her side of the story, which was completely different.


@iamcardib explains the Milwaukee mix up from a night ago with the club promoter..

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Cardi clarified that her flight was cancelled due to poor weather conditions and that she was scared to fly on small planes. Nonetheless, she made it to Milwaukee, and claimed that she and her fans had a great time. And despite certain comments warning that she’ll be a “one-hit-wonder,” this AfroLatina ensures everyone that she will never go broke. So, whose side do you believe? Is Cardi B here to stay? We’ll let you decide.