We're Not Here For Cardi B's Bodyshaming

Cardi B Instagram (@iamcardib)

Cardi B performed 'Finesse' with Bruno Mars at the 60th Grammy Awards this past Sunday night. Her multicolored Moschino cropped top and shorts reminded us all of the 90s, but some people noticed her outfit for different reasons.

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When Moschino posted several pictures of the Grammy-nominated rapper, the body hair police noticed hair on her stomach and decided to call her out for it. One user said, "She better shave that stomach." Another user asked, "Does she shave it before she strips," while yet another one says, "Let me tell you something, the middle aged man knows a lot about women I don’t care who the fk is she, I just said she better shave her hair on her stomach is not cool (sic)."


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Her stomach hair is barely noticeable so anyone commenting on it either has eagle vision or is really reaching. Even if she has a lot of visible body hair, women also grow body hair. We're not here to tell anyone whether or not they should shave their body hair and believe that it's a completely personal choice. But the Bronx native is not one to be silenced by her haters and we'll just have to wait and see if she chooses to speak on this.