Camilla Belle Dating Yet Another Hottie: Tennis Star Fernando Verdasco

The list of famous male suitors lining up to win Camilla Belle's affection just keeps getting longer. The latest addition? Tennis star Fernando Verdasco, who's been spotted canoodling with the Brazilian actress all over California.

Verdasco and Belle first stepped out in public last week for lunch in India Wells, where the Spanish hottie is competing in the ATP tennis tournament. It seemed like an innocent date at the time, but then Verdasco was seen with his arm around Belle over the weekend after losing to Rafael Nadal in a quarterfinal match. Belle not only attended that match—she sat in Verdasco's box a few feet away from Verdasco's rumored girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki! The pair reportedly had dinner without Wozniacki after the match and then went to Belle's hotel for the night. Let's hope the tennis star actually broke up with his girlfriend before pulling this move, because if he didn't, then we don't want a guy like that messing with our Belle.

For those wondering what effect this will have on Camilla Belle's relationship with Joe Jonas and best-best-friendship with Robert Pattinson, we say relax. She's just living her life the way any single 21-year-old gal would. As for Verdasco? He'd better get in line, because we have a feeling this girl won't be tying herself down to one man anytime soon!