Camila Cabello Dressed up as a Frumpy Grandma for T. Swift’s Halloween Party and It Was Hella Embarrassing

Okay, you’ve seen Taylor Swift’s squad: its members are typically genetically blessed and about six feet tall with legs for days. So if you were invited to her model-studded annual Halloween party, would you go with the “as hot or slightly hotter than my every day look” costume, or something a little more funky? Camila Cabello chose option two last year and regretted it mid-fiesta.

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During her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, the “Havana” singer told the story of last year’s Halloween bash where she dressed up as a “Grandma Who Couldn’t Find Her Cat Because She Sat on It” (complete with stuffed cat taped to her booty) and wore the only muumuu in sight. It’s safe to say the Haddids are not about wearing a roller set in public.

When the L’Oreal spokesmodel spotted some hotties, she ditched the housedress and carried on with the party in the sleeker black turtleneck and pants she was wearing underneath, blaming her outfit switch on the heat.

Watch the clip below:


We totally get it, but we loved the original idea. Here’s hoping this year folks are feeling free and fearless.

H/T: Glamour