Camila Cabello Discusses Her Upbringing in Miami


Camila Cabello is opening up about her immigrant upbringing in a Youtube documentary, "Made in Miami." The singer has been extremely vocal about the rescinding of DACA, including dedicating her performance of "Havana" to the Dreamers and making a speech about them at this year's Grammy awards. 

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In the documentary, the “Havana” singer introduces us to her Cuban mother, Mexican father, and Cuban grandmother and her journey to the United States unfolds. She was six years old when she landed in Miami with her mother. Her mother says that she didn’t feel like she could grow or make a better life for her daughter in Cuba. Her father had to swim across the border a year later because of the overwhelming need to see his family after his visa requests had been repeatedly rejected. Although he risked his life, he calls it the happiest trip of his life.



Her mother, Sinuhe, was an architect in Cuba and had to start all over again and work retail jobs in order to support her family.

Once you understand everything that her family went through to get to this country, it becomes obvious why the Cuban-Mexican singer is so adamant about immigrant rights. Her mother says, “It’s so important that she becomes a voice for the people that don’t have the same circumstances as us because we’re the same, every family that comes here is trying to find our future for our children.” 

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Currently, Cabello broke many records with during her solo debut, including a No. 1 album on the US Billboard Hot 200. Camila also topped the iTunes chart in over 100 countries.