Camila Cabello Is the New Face of L’Oréal Paris

When we think of the L’Oréal brand, we think of feminism, empowerment, and of course, beauty. So, it’s no surprise that the latest spokesperson is the talented, and outspoken Camila Cabello.

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The 20-year old Cuban-born singer represents everything the organization stands for and more, from confidence and fearless risktaking to supporting other women and giving back to her community. And the awesome position she's in the new face of the brand isn't lost on her. In an official announcement for the partnership, Camila said: 

“I’m so excited to join this multicultural, multi-talented family of creatives, actresses, singers, models, people going after their goals and following their inner voice. I’m grateful for this incredible opportunity to work together to create empowering, uplifting campaigns that really speak to women and girls from all over. Not to mention getting to shoot in Paris!!! For all of you making your own dreams out there, ‘We’re worth it!’”

Camila also shared the news via a vid on Instagram. By the looks of these shots, the new ad campaign is sure to be smokin' hot.

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