EXCLUSIVE OUTTAKES: Camila Cabello's March/April 2017 Cover Shoot!

Dying for more from our March/April 2017 cover shoot with Camila Cabello? Scroll through to check out these outtakes:

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1. Camila Cabello Photoshoot Outakes 6

On the importance of music:
“Music has literally saved my life, so much of it has helped me become self-aware and know who I am as a person. It’s just been such a prominent part in my life since we started Fifth Harmony, and I feel like since we’ve been almost five years together, I felt like after this last album, it was the perfect time. We’ve done so many things that I’m so proud of and Fifth Harmony has opened so many doors for all of us.”

2. Camila Cabello Photoshoot Outakes 1

On her future career:
“I think, for me, everything is just about personal fulfillment for me. Like I was telling you, the fact that I’ve been in the studio with such incredible people, for me its just about, I just wanna be like a sponge and learn everything that I can and squeeze everything that I can and just watch how they work.”

3. Camila Cabello Photoshoot Outakes 2

On her passion in life:
“For me, music is my passion. I feel like that’s kind of what I was meant to do in life. Everybody has a thing that they were put on this earth for, and that’s their way of contributing to humanity. I feel like my way is music.”

4. Camila Cabello Photoshoot Outakes 7

On working outside of the music industry:
“I feel like me as a person, I’m so much more than a singer. I’m so much more than just a person that does music. There’s so many things that I wanna do and so many things that I care about, and I wanna share as much of that as I can with people.”

5. Camila Cabello Photoshoot Outakes 3

On standing up for minorities:
“We have to make sure we help those people. We have to protect those people. We have to make sure that he knows that we are standing our ground and make sure he knows that we are not going to take that and we’re not going to take our brothers and sisters being oppressed and being silenced. That’s not this country and that’s not what we’re going to stand for.”

6. Camila Cabello Photoshoot Outakes 4

On her purpose:
“For me, this is just about I don’t know if I’m going to be successful. I don’t know if next year I’m gonna flop. I don’t know what’s going to happen. [And if I do flop],  I don’t care because it’s just about me doing music that I’m passionate about and that I love and that I’m happy with, and putting visuals together that I pour my heart into, and I pour my soul into, and being able to share ever part of myself with the world. That’s what it’s about for me.”

7. Camila Cabello Photoshoot Outakes 5

On being political:
“I am always vocal about my opinion. I never tried to shove my opinion down anyone’s throat. Politics is a really personal thing.”