Cameron Diaz on A-Rod: "Now I’m a Yankees Fan"

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez have been surprisingly hush-hush about their rumored romance, but the blond bombshell actress recently opened up to Harper's Bazaar and basically copped to the relationship.

“I grew up with the Dodgers," admits Diaz, "But now I’m a Yankees fan.”

Cameron insists that she has grown more mature in her relationships, saying, “I’ve always loved men and boys. I don’t get hung up on what boys do. I don’t have a nagging nature. I feel like I can be a woman but also relate to a man.”

That's good news for Alex Rodriguez, who has a notorious wandering eye. But it was the following quote that really got us scratching our heads: “Who doesn’t like the bad boy, until you grow up and realize bad boys are not the way to go?” Diaz asks. “I’m done with that.”

Hmm, sorry sweetie, but if you're seeing A-Rod, that places you firmly in the "dating a bad boy" category.