WATCH: Bruno Mars Brings the '24K Magic' to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Bruno Mars Performs "24K Magic" by videos

Bruno Mars brought all of the energy to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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The singer was the talk of the town since performing two of his latest songs off of his 24K Magic album. Mars started off his performance with his latest single "Chunky." The song was perfect for the super girly Pink segment of the show. He looked super sexy in a fur vest and glasses before he did a quick change to perform his hit 24K Magic. The 31-year-old showed off the tux he was wearing underneath while the Angels were walking in some super sexy lingerie. This is by far one of Mars' best albums, ever. 

"That’s what I wanted to do with this album. I wanted to see the band moving, and I want people when they hear the album and get excited to come see us live. And I wanna be singing the shit out of these songs," he told Latina earlier this year. “This album, we wanted to see how far we could take that and capture the spirit of that music we fell in love with."  

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Watch the perform of "24K Magic" above and the performance of "Chunky" below.


Bruno Mars Performs "Chunky" by videos