How Bruno Mars Remembering His Mom Helped Me Cope With Losing Mine

Essay: How Bruno Mars’ Remembering His Mom Helped Me Cope With Losing Mine

After laughing about the good times and crying about her loss, I remembered Bruno’s words: “You just gotta know that she’s with me everywhere I go. I always hear her say, ‘Keep going and keep doing it.’” That’s what I had to do. I knew my mom will continue to root for me. I’ll continue to make her proud. I am the embodiment of her good wishes and goals. I emailed Bruno’s rep to tell her my unfortunate news. She sent her condolences and immediately told Bruno and he did the same. Even Bruno’s girlfriend, Jessica Caban, sent virtual hugs.

A few weeks after her passing came another difficult time: writing Bruno’s cover story. He gave me an amazing interview but I knew the portion about his mom would get to me. And it did. I sat at my desk, writing and crying…reliving the last moments of my mother’s life as Bruno’s words blinked on the screen. My homie/co-worker, Priscilla, heard my sniveling and came over for a hug.

It’s been two months plus since my mother passed and it doesn’t get easier. I cry randomly sometimes alone or with my wife. But I thank you Bruno for being part of my healing process. You’re right, you never forget “the woman who taught you how to love.” And the love we learned from our mothers is now for the world.