Brie Bella Shares Hilarious New Mommy Victory

WWE star and new mom Brie Bella took to Youtube to share with the world a funny mommy moment.

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Breasting is seen as one of the most intimate ways to connect with your child as a mother. During a stay at her cousin's house, the 33-year-old forgot one of the most important items -- her breast pumping heads!  

In the adorable footage, she’s was laying next to Birdie Joe and talking about the whole ordeal.  “I was like, what am I gonna do?” she said. “Well pumps had to like just come into existence not long ago, what did people do back in the day?”

And if you’re not quite sure where this is going yet she continues by saying, “Last night in the bathroom I went in there, and I opened up the baggy part, and I milked myself like a cow.” That’s right; she hand pumped herself to get to fulfil her mom duties.

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This technique seemed to work just as good as she proudly got six ounces of milk this way. Hey, you gotta do what you've got to do, right? Watch the hilarious video below!