BREAKING: The Queen of All Media is Changing His Image: “Things Will be Different on My Website.”

The next time you visit you might be looking at a very different kind of website.

Today, Perez Hilton tweeted this video in which the infamous Cuban blogger tells the world that it's time for him, and his website, to change.

"I have been thinking a lot over the last week and a half about some very serious issues, the issue of teen suicide, the issue of gay bullying," Perez said. "Since the rash of recent suicides I've really been working hard in big and small ways to bring attention to the issue and to encourage others to do their part, and I need to do my part and step up to the plate. I need to be the solution and not part of the problem."

Perez continued: "Over the last week and a half a lot of people have said that I am a hypocrite and that I'm one of the biggest bullies out there, and there is truth to that. I have on my website said things that have been hurtful to people. I need to change, and I'm going to start today."

Perez said that means no more calling Jennifer Anniston "Maniston," and no more making fun of Bruce and Demi's daughter, Rumor Willis. “Would people still visit my site if I was less salacious?" Perez asks in the video. "I don't care. Because this is really important to me. I’m growing, and I’m going to be 33 years old and I want to be a dad, and no, I don’t think its right to make fun of kids anymore. I did it in the past and I regret it. And I own that and i'm sorry for that," he said. 

This afternoon, Perez will appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show.