Bob Saget Admits He Looks Like the Cholula Hot Sauce Lady


It was only a matter of time before Bob Saget revealed the truth. 

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On Tuesday, the Full House star took to social media to post a photo of a Cholula hot sauce bottle with the caption, “Seriously, I do not remember posing for this.”



As much as we'd love to believe our favorite television father was the muse for our favorite chili-brand hot sauce, according to People magazine, the Cholula Wikipedia page reveals that the person on the logo is actually a woman named Camila Harrison, who is the matriarch of the Cholula company family.

Of course, the Internet went crazy, claiming that the comedian and the logo bore an uncanny resemblance. Even the hot sauce company couldn’t help but join in on the fun. “Our beauty of the bottle is 100 woman!…Perhaps there is Saget in the lineage," Cholula tweeted. 



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However, this is not the first time someone has mistaken the hot sauce logo with the '90s sitcom star. Back in 2015, a Reddit user posted a photo of the infamous hot sauce with the caption, "When your Cholula sauce lady looks like Bob Saget..." Since being uploaded, the photo has received more than 1, 300 views.