The Black Eyed Peas' Taboo and His Wife Are Having a Baby!

Congrats to Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas! The Mexican American rapper, 33, has confirmed that he and wife Jaymie Dizon are expecting their first child together. "We're very excited,"the MC tells Us.

Taboo, whose real name is Jamie Gomez, married Dizon in July of 2008 and has a 15-year-old son named Joshua from a prior relationship. The BEP member recently told that his family inspired him to change his life for the better. "I had a problem with alcohol and drugs when I was growing up. I almost lost my wife and son...I like this [sober] lifestyle better. I'm gonna live longer. I'm setting a great example to my 15-year-old son. My wife and I are happier than we've ever been, and things are good."

Felicidades again to the happy couple!