Beyoncé Remixed 'Mi Gente' Because of Blue Ivy!

While is seems as though Blue Ivy was born just yesterday, she has held a special place in our hearts for quite some time now (5 years to be exact!) With parents like hers, it makes sense that the talented member of the Carter family has already been making waves in the music industry.

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This summer, the mini superstar dropped her very own freestyle titled “Boom Shakalaka.” Now, although we weren’t really quite sure what she was talking about, we were lowkey jamming to it.


In case you weren’t aware, Beyoncé released a remix to J Balvin’s “Mi Gente” two weeks ago, and has been steadily topping Billboard charts since. The best part is that all of the proceeds are going to disaster relief for Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands that were affected.

But the true tea is that Blue Ivy was behind the magic of creating this song! Apparently, little miss Blue is just as obsessed as we are with “Mi Gente.” J Balvin told Buzzfeed News, "I think Beyoncé was [going] crazy, with her daughter singing the song all day, every night."

So, jokingly, the Colombian hitmaker told Queen Bee’s people, "'OK, so why don't you tell Beyoncé to jump on the remix?’ But I was making a joke ... I wasn't serious."

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He wasn’t prepared for her response, though. Two days later, Balvin received a call from Beyonce’s team confirming that she’d hop on the remix! "I almost passed out," he said.


The 32-year-old gives credit where it’s due, and when it comes to Beyoncé he says "You're talking about one of the biggest pop artists around the world. I'm still in shock," Balvin continued. There’s no denying how powerful music can be, and he adds, "It is a blessing, you know. I'm really grateful. I really feel that the world needs more love and beautiful vibes. That's why we made this song."


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We’re all the way here for this, and it’s safe to say we’re definitely an Ivy League Stan. Thank you Blue Ivy for making this happen!