Mariana's 8 Best Moments On 'The Fosters'

Happy 20th Birthday, Cierra Ramirez! The Mexican-American actress plays Mariana Foster on ABC Family's acclaimed series, The Fosters — one of the sassiest characters on the show!

The good, the bad, the intense, and the hilarious: check out some of our favorite Mariana moments from the show! 

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1. The Quinceañera

Season 1 Episode 4: Mariana reminds us of many 15-year-old Latinas in this episode! After agonizing over important decision, like choosing the perfect dress, Mariana hosts an amazing quinceañera

2. So Much Sass!

Season 1 Episode 5: When her brother, Jesus, and best friend, Lexi, date each other behind her back, she is not pleased. In true Mariana fashion, she sees them together holding a garbage bag, and snobbishly asks her brother if he is "taking out the trash." Ay ay ay.

3. Drunk Mariana

Season 1 Episode 6: Mariana has a little too much to drink, and comes home stumbling. In a moment of sisterly affection, Callie tries to cover for her, but Mariana's sober thoughts come out as drunken words. Mariana spills to her best friend's parents that she's been having sex! Oops. 

4. "Screw You!"

Season 1 Episode 12: Mariana is one of the more outspoken characters on the show, and this episode proves it! When she gets upset at her foster brother for kissing their foster sister Callie, he yells at her "Screw you!" Mariana infamously responds: "I'm suprised you haven't tried." Burn.

5. Mariana Stands Her Ground

Season 1 Episode 16: When Mariana tries to be flirty with her crush, he takes things too far and wants to have sex. He ends up being a jerk and pressuring her, but Mariana insists that no means no and stands her ground. Good for you, girl!

6. Mariana at the Mexican Festival

Season 2 Episode 9: Mariana faces a very real issue that many girls can relate to in this episode. When Mat Tan brings her to a Mexican festival, Mariana gets offended because she feels she lacks a connection to her heritage. She gets upset, because even though she knows she is Mexican, she doesn't always feel like it.

7. Girl Power

Season 2 Episode 12: Don't mess with Mariana! She decides to quit the dance team after they treat her badly. Instead of suffering through the abuse, she makes her own team! 

8. Mariana to the Rescue

Season 2 Episode 16: When Mariana finds a girl on the ground at her brother's gig, she fears the girl has overdosed. When the girl begins having a seizure, Mariana steps up, calls for help, and saves her life. Que bueno!