The Best Latino Celebrities to Follow on Twitter

John Mayer and P. Diddy aren't the only celebs who use Twitter to overshare their latest breakup stories, tantric sex sessions and other bitesize details of their lives. Here are some of the Latino stars who keep us perpetually entertained with their tweets. If you're not following them already, what are you waiting for?!

Mariah Carey -


Why You Should Follow Her:
Between her updates from the recording studio, coining catchphrases like "stonegroovesmash/winner" (a hit) and gabbing about her husband, Nick Cannon (a.k.a. NickCannon4Real), Mimi is the Twitter gift that keeps on giving.

Best Recent Tweet:
"I arrived in
London and was thinking I would get a haircut, called Nick & said
"what do you think if I go short?" Nick didnt think (cont.)...
short would be a stonegroovewinner & was ready to jump on a plane to stop me! I said "don't worry dahhhling...April Fools!"

Selena Gomez -


Why You Should Follow Her: The Disney starlet's Twitter page oozes with love for her family, fans and BFF Demi Lovato and just confirms what we already knew—this girl is a total sweetheart.

Best Recent Tweet: "my nana just told
me that my rabbit "pumshkin" didnt runaway. She got eatin when i was
6.. she replies "you were too little.. now you know"

Rick Sanchez -

Followers: 73,239

Why You Should Follow Him: This Cuban American CNN anchor
is a full-fledged Twitter addict who spends all day replying to followers and sharing his thoughts on the top news stories of the day.
Yes, Twitter is also for serious thinkers.

Best Recent Tweet: "i read newt's
tweet attack on BO as being anti catholic. wow. what cojones? as a
catholic, it amazes me to hear political hypocracy. sad."

Sessilee Lopez -

Followers: 515

Why You Should Follow Her: You can live vicariously through a jet-setting model!

Best Recent Tweet: "Just saw a swarm of bees come after the whole crew... Fashion can be so dangerous"

Mario Lopez -

Followers: 4,856

Why You Should Follow Him: Because he's the only boy we know who actually says "pee."

Best Recent Tweet: "I just made it to
my interview with Ben Affleck. I have to pee so bad, but I have to hold
it until after!! Pray there's no accident..."

Adrienne Bailon -

Followers: 17,373

Why You Should Follow Her: Bailon
is one of the few stars who posts candid photos of herself in the
studio or just hanging out, and we love getting some extra visuals to
go along with her tweets.

Best Recent Tweet: " - My Mami fixing my bun hahaha! I LOVE MY MAMI she's the best!!!"

Noreaga -

Followers: 15,756

Why You Should Follow Him: Because it's funny to hear a rapper talk about his weight like one of the girls.

Best Recent Tweet: "Finally got my ass back n the gym then I ate mad oreos LOL imma get it2gether!!!!"

Nina Sky -

Followers: 8,210

Why You Should Follow Them: We're not sure if these tweets are
coming from Nicole or Natalie, but we love the fact that they're not
afraid to flash a mean girl streak every now and then...a very rare
thing on Twitter!

Best Recent Tweet: "The woman behind
us is a yapper.Is it rude to turn around and ask her to shutttt it?!
Meetings when we land in Paris. We need sleep!

Kat DeLuna -

Followers: 1,908

Why You Should Follow Her: If Diddy were a 22-year-old Latina, his Twitter page would be exactly like Kat DeLuna's.