10 Celebrities Doing Impressions of Other Stars

Celebrities love poking fun at one other, especially when it comes to doing full-on impressions of them. Take a look at some of our favorite impersonations of celebs as done by fellow stars:

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1. Impressions: 11

Yet again, Christina Aguilera proves to be the impersonation queen. On a recent episode of Ellen, the singer played an infamous game of Heads Up! where she perfectly mastered Whitney Houston, Adele and other powerhouse voices, in under 60 seconds.

2. Impressions: 1


Ariana Grande nailed her impression of Shakira on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. She even got the Colombiana's hip-shaking down pat!

3. Impressions: 2

Demi Lovato recently tried her hand at Christina Aguilera, and got it just right.

4. Impressions: 3

Aimee Carrero became an imitation expert when she perfectly performed as Selena Gomez and Sofia Vergara.

5. Impressions: 4

The Voice coach Christina Aguilera's impersonations included costumes of Cher, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and more.

6. Impressions: 5

Comedian Tina Fey proved she can basically be Sofia Vergara's stunt double.

7. Impressions: 6

Louis C.K. feels no shame. The comedian impersonated Jimmy Fallon right before the show host's eyes.

8. Impressions: 7

Sofia Vergara's co-star Julie Bowen knows her on-screen bestie all too well, and it shows in her impersonation.

9. Impressions: 8

Besties Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon can't help but constantly poke fun at one another.

10. Impressions: 9

Selena Gomez hilariously impersonated her best friend Taylor Swift in this interview.

11. Impressions: 10

Aubrey Plaza boldly imitated fellow comedian legend, Sarah Silverman, in this hilarious stand-up segment.