Bennifer Voted Worst Couple of the Decade

It looks like we weren't alone when we compiled our list of the most cringe-worthy moments of the decade for Latinos!, and polled thousands of singles who use their online dating services as well their Twitter followers to find out who were America's best and worst couple of the naughts, and guess who came out at the bottom of the pile?

The couple who started the combination name game: Bennifer. Yup, the dubious award goes to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck for the grossness that they subjected us all to during their tumultuous relationship in the early 00s.

We're sure Ben agrees with the vote, what with all his complaining since about the relationship and publicity that surrounded them constantly in those days. Although it didn't look like Affleck was all that worried about the paparazzi when he was drooling all over J.Lo's buns in that "Jenny from the Block" video. This isn’t a complete sentence. You could just change although to However, He even married another Jennifer (Garner) in a failed attempt to hang on to the nickname. Ok, maybe not, we're just sayin'...

Anyhow, we've got to agree with the general public on this one. Jennifer and Ben's relationship  ushered us all into the vapid, tabloid worshiping, TMZ culture that we have become.