Benicio del Toro Lost His Virginity at 13

In a recent interview with Playboy, super sexy actor Benicio del Toro confesses to having lost his virginity to an older girl at the age of 13, right before his family moved from Santurce, Puerto Rico to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. "That first experience was totally a nervous situation," admits del Toro, "It was in a
house with someone I had known only a little bit. She was slightly
older, and she’d done it before. It was good she and I weren’t losing
our virginity at the same time. We didn’t want to get all overloaded."

Ever since, it's been smooth sailing with the ladies for del Toro. Despite speaking limited English in high school and being quite a solitary teen ("Basketball was the bridge that helped keep me from becoming completely lonely," del Toro shares), he managed to hold down a girlfriend. "I remember liking girls in prekindergarten in Puerto Rico, when I was only three or four. It goes all the way back. I wasn’t a 1.000 hitter or anything—I don’t think anyone is—but I had a girlfriend all through high school, so that was kind of cool. I was part of a couple, and I was having fun."

No stranger to feeling like an outsider, del Toro says that although he enjoys playing tormented characters, he'd also relish the opportunity to try something different. "I do get the tortured-soul roles. I’d like to play a romantic lead, but I don’t necessarily get those offers coming my way ... I can’t complain if studio guys see me as the dark force. Whether it is because of skin color, thought, action, it doesn’t matter."

Benicio del Toro can be seen next in The Wolfman, a remake of the the classic 1940s horror movie, playing, you guessed it, a melancholic brother who makes a prodigal return to his hometown when his brother is viciously murdered. Check out the latest preview below and tell us: Do you plan on watching The Wolfman when it comes out on Feb. 10, 2010?