Behind the Scenes of Dania Ramirez's New Movie

As Dania Ramirez prepares for her new leading role as an NYC bike messenger in the movie Premium Rush, she shares her experiences of biking riding as a kid and how she always has liked a challenge. 

"I think I can do it all, so when I was younger living in DR I was riding a bike down a hill behind my cousin who was riding really fast.  I was like, I can do this, it’s a bike, so I started pedaling hard behind her and I did two flips in the air. It was pretty bad, and since then I’ve always been kind of scared."

The Dominican beauty admits she was hesitant to ride fast on a bike when she began training for the movie; but she learned the basics and, with some practice, within three weeks she was in her zone excited to speed down the streets. 

Of course, that all came with some hard work, “This training is the real deal!" says the Cover Girl spokesmodel. "We are going through traffic, biking for hours at a time, and learning tricks that constantly had me falling leaving me with bruises and body aches everywhere.” Although she can hold her own at cycling now, Ramirez is not a self-proclaimed professional. "I’ve seen these [bike messengers] and I’m now so familiar with their culture; they’re the real pros, I’m just good enough to act like one."

Premium Rush is scheduled for release this fall.