EXCLUSIVE: Becky G Talks Premios Juventud, Summer Beauty & Celebrity Crushes!

EXCLUSIVE: Becky G Talks Premios Juventud, Summer Beauty & Celebrity Crushes!
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Becky G isn't your average teen. The 17-year-old estrella is blowin' up the radio with her catchy summer anthem, 'Shower', gearing up for a tour with fellow CoverGirl spokeswoman Katy Perry, and preparing for a performance at Thursday night's Premios Juventud.

We sat down to chat with Becky G about her (busy!) summer, her go-to beauty tips, and her new album. Plus, we got the scoop on her celebrity crush! Check it out: 

So you're performing at the Premios Juventud tonight! Are you excited?

I am so excited! It's my second year -- this is like high school! It's my sophomore year; I'm not a freshman anymore. I'm not a newbie. And, I'm performing "Shower" in English and in Spanish, so it'll be something new!

Is there anyone you're excited to see perform?

I'm really excited to see Pit (Pitbull) perform. Austin Mahone, of course. And, I'm really excited to see Chiquis Rivera perform. 

Can you give us a sneak peek about what you'll be wearing?

Well, last year, I had a lot of fun and wanted to do something different. I did something a lot more covered up, but still very youthful with the color and the pattern. It was like a two-piece suit type of thing.

This time around, I wnted to do something young and youthful. So, I'm going with a cute, really short dress. It's kind of more on the sexyish side, but still fun. My performance outfit is just super fun. My whole theme - the story in my head of my performance -- is basically bringing Santa Monica Pier to Miami, and having my dancers be with me and bringing the energy from the 'Shower' music video on stage.

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