Author of Bombshell A-Rod Book Claims the Slugger Was "In Love" with Madonna

The bombshell book, Hit and Run: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez written by Sport's Illustrated reporter Selena Roberts was just released on Monday. In it, Roberts accuses Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez of not just steroid use (which he copped to in a Feb. 9th interview with ESPN) but also of an insatiable sexual appetite and pitch tipping, an action in baseball akin to betting against your own team.

Roberts was on Fox & Friends on Tuesday to talk about her book and when asked about how she perceived Madonna's relationship with A-Rod, she said, ""He fell in love with Madonna. It changed his entire life—he went from a family man to Madonna's boy toy overnight."Hmm, we're not sure we would call cavorting with strippers and obesessing over pop stars "family man" behavior, but who are we to judge?

Tell us: Do you think A-Rod is a victim of an overzealous reporter, or just another cheating husband (and athlete) who got caught?