Are Camila Alves and Gisele New BFF's?

Beautiful people Camila Alves and Gisele Bundchen were recently snapped leaving a gym after working out together, which made us wonder: Are they new BFF's?

It's not that crazy of a question to ponder, the two ladies have so much in common. Let's break it down:

1. They're both brasileña.

2. They're both trying to lose whatever imaginary baby weight they gained. Camila gave birth to her second baby, a girl named Vida, on Jan. 3rd. While Gisele gave birth to her first child, a boy named Benjamin, on Dec. 8.

3. They both have really hot husbands that they can bond over. Imagine those locker room convo's. Camila probably complains about how she can never get Matthew McConaughey to wear a shirt while Gisele gripes about how Tom Brady keeps on tackling her. Tough life!

4. They are both successful models. Although Gisele kind of takes "success" to the next level considering she was the highest grossing model last year, raking in 25 million dollars!

5. They both launched their own accessories line. Camila has a line of (super cute) handcrafted Brazilian leather bags called Muxo while Gisele has designed a line of rubber sandals for the Ipanema brand aimed at raising awareness surrounding environmental issues.

See? If they're not BFF's already, then obviously they should be!