EXCLUSIVE: Antonio Jaramillo Talks 'Dallas' & Growing Up in an Orphanage

Antonio Jaramillo attends the red carpet launch party for 'Fameus' Smart Phone App
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Born in Tijuana, Mexico, Antonio Jaramillio spent a great deal of his childhood living in an orphanage. At 14-years-old, Jaramillo took a leap of faith and moved to San Diego, where he worked and went to school. It was there that Jaramillo realized he was interested in performing arts.

Fast forward several years later, Jaramillo is no longer that lonely and scared little boy, but a family man and talented actor who has shared the screen with Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, and Demián Bichir, to name a few.

We caught up with the Mexican star to talk about his roles on Dallas and Gang Related, what it was like growing up in an orphanage, raising a child with autism, and more.

Check it all out in our exclusive interview below:

Where do we find Luis in the second part of Dallas this season?

We find Luis getting closer and closer to the Ewings, and making life difficult for the family as he continues to gain more control while making millions in the process.

Tell us about your character in Gang Related.

I play Beto a childhood friend of one of the main characters on the show, Ryan Lopez. Beto is the type of guy who is willing to risk everything even his life for his friend and the only family he's ever known.

Which character would you say is more complex and probably more difficult to play?

I think Luis is a more complex and challenging role to bring to life because of the nature of his world and his business dealings, but both roles are fun to play with.

Throughout your career, you've worked alongside some pretty big Hollywood names, did you ever get nervous or feel intimidated?

I don't particularly get nervous or intimidated on set because from day one I show up to work as the role I've been hired to play, and I look at everyone around me the same way as the role they are playing and what their relationship to my character is. So unless my character is supposed to be intimidated or nervous I am not! But carrying a conversation while sharing lunch or off set, now that can be a bit nerve wracking!

Is there one person in Hollywood that you would absolutely love to work with?

I would love to get the opportunity to work with Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu! I love his movies and his point of view. When he's telling a story there is never a false note or move. Everything he does is there to serve the story. I think almost every actor in all his movies should be nominated because they seem to do their best work when being directed by Mr. Inarritu!

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