Another Baby for Thalía?

Doña Yolanda Miranda, mother of singer-actress Thalía, said in an interview with Ventaneando TV show that her daughter is trying to give daughter Sabrina Sakaë a little brother or sister.

"That's right, and hopefully she'll give us good news soon. Hopefully next year we'll know already and we'll have another baby for 2011" the proud grandma said during the interview.

Not only that, but Doña Yolanda also said that Thalia, 39, wants to have a baby boy, and so does she.

"Thali and I have talked about it, and the truth is that we're crazy about granddaughter Sabrina...but a grandson, she's dying for a little man. Then she would have the couple. I hope so!" she said.

Yolanda also boasted about three-year-old Sabrina, who already won her first horseback riding prize.

"Yes, she just won her first prize at an equestrian championship. She's three and she looked beautiful with her helmet, her whip, like La Dueña (a Mexican telenovela), and her boots. Lovely. She won her first prize" she crowed.

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