Ana Ortiz's Daughter Paloma is "Ugly Betty" Mascot

Ana Ortiz's three-month-old daughter Paloma is getting acting lessons at a very young age! The new mom gushes about bringing her new baby girl to the set. "Paloma's like a little Ugly Betty mascot," Ortiz, 38, tells "Everybody is constantly popping into my room to pick her up or talk to her. She has this whole other family at the show, and it's great."

While she is filming, Ortiz, 38, is more than covered. Both her own mom as well as Mark Indelicato's mother help out when necessary. 

Besides her mom, the only other thing Ortiz can't live without on the set is her breast pump, "That's a horrible thing to say, but besides my mother, it's a must-have because if you've got a boob full of milk, you've got to get it done," shared the actress.

Even the crew is mindful of the breast-feeding mom's ever expanding bosom, prompting her to feed when they notice that her breasts have grown too large. "The team will be, like, 'Uh, Ana, do you need a break?' And I'll be like, 'What are you guys looking at?!'" jokes Ortiz.

Ortiz acknowledges show producer Salma Hayek for fostering the family-friendly environment on set, saying, "I think she set the bar."