WATCH: America Ferrera Responds to That 'LaTina Fey' Video in the Best Way

Colton on the Street: White American Ferrera

We did our own version of Billy on the Street's #LatinaFey Challenge, and boy was it hard. Watch the #WhiteAmericanFerrera Challenge with me and Colton Dunn.

Posted by America Ferrera on Thursday, October 15, 2015


Remember that time when Tina Fey was tasked with naming 20 Latino actors and failed? Well, America Ferrera – who, by the way, Fey never mentioned – responded in a video that will make you both laugh and think.

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First, let’s watch the original "LaTina Fey" video. In it, you’ll notice that despite what host Billy Eichner says, the "30 Rock" star didn’t name 19 Latino actors (for starters, "that guy that's in 'Congress'" doesn't count, and Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas are Spanish, not Latino).

Billy on the Street: LaTina Fey!

HERE IT IS!!! Watch TINA FEY try to NAME 20 LATINOS in this first clip from the new season of Billy On The Street!!!

Posted by Billy Eichner on Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Like Fey, the Honduran-American actress completed a challenge: Name 20 white American actors in 60 seconds.

The difference? Ferrera's test was a parody, aimed at revealing just how shitty it feels when your race and/or ethnicity is erased from the field you work so hard to be a part of.

"It's telling and sad, but it certainly isn't adorable or entertaining to those who are the butt of the joke," Ferrera told the Huffington Post about the "Can you name 20 Latinos?" game. "We turned the tables in our video to show just how ridiculous it feels when you're on the other side. And let's just be real – I’m mad she didn't name me."

In the 60 seconds Comedian Colton Dunn gave Ferrera to complete the challenge, she recalled one actual white star: "That girl from 'Titanic,' the woman," – a  clear jab at Fey's "that woman from 'Jane the Virgin'" response, to which she of course meant Gina Rodriguez.

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Watch Fererra’s parody above, and let us know what you think of the underrepresentation of Latinos in Hollywood.

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