Amaury Nolasco's Sister Dies at 33

Amaury Nolasco's 33-year-old sister Deborah died suddenly of an apparent heart attack yesterday. Nolasco left the Los Angeles set of his new TV show Chase and jumped on a plane home to Puerto Rico to be with his family.

Deborah suffered from heart problems since since she was a child, but her death was sudden and unexpected. Upon arrival, Amaury released a statement to local newspaper El Nuevo Dia saying:

"These displays of affection mean a lot to our family and are a reminder of the heart that my people have. In this time of grief we ask for a little privacy and space to digest this news, our sister was our sun and we are broken by her departure."

The funeral will be private. Nolasco can be seen in theaters this fall in Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary costarring Johnny Depp.