7 Reasons We're Obsessed With Amara La Negra From 'Love & Hip Hop Miami'

She's loud, proud, and ready to take over the music industry! That's right, Love & Hip Hop Miami'sAmara La Negra is the Dominican recording artist rockin' her stylish natural afro and speaking out for the Afro-Latinx community. 

The Miami-bred singer is no stranger to the game of fame, but recently she's taken on a new dream --- to crossover to the English-speaking market. 

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1. She's a natural born star.

Some may just be hearing about the Miami-born singer and dancer, but she's been a superstar in training for years. In May 2016 Amara told Latina, "I had acting classes, and I had singing classes. I also had modeling classes. I was doing it all. My childhood pretty much revolved around my future. In fact, I don’t know how to ride a bike or how to swim or even roller skate. I don’t know how to do anything that a normal kid did for fun while growing up." It all makes sense as young Amara poses with the iconic Cuban Afro-Latina singer, Celia Cruz above. La Reina de Salsa would even cheer Amara on when she would see her performing.  

2. Yasss, Proud Afro-Latina!

Let's just say, this chica plays no games! You can always catch the 27-year-old Dominicana using her platform to speak out against racial ignorance. During an episode with a Miami-based producer Young Hollywood, La Negra had to put him in his place around his comments on her hair. Watch below as Amar schools him on the fact that not every Latina looks like J.Lo, Sofia Vergara, or Shakira



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3. Her Natural Hair Is Everything!

The natural hair movement isn't exactly loud and proud in the music industry. Recently, we've seen more artist like the Se Que Soy singer embrace their natural roots with style and grace. "I wear my hair from my head attached to my body, is because for many years I was told this b-s lie in order to be beautiful, I had to have straight hair because it was too “unmanageable,” La Negra told Latina. The Love & Hip Hop Miami's breakout star acknowledges her African roots and inspires her fans to do so too. "I’m black. Yes, I’m going to have nappy and kinky hair. But that’s part of what makes me beautiful. And it took me years to know and realize that. I’m straightening and burning my hair for what? To please who? I was doing it to try and fit into society." Here's to not fitting into society and lovin' your natural hair! 

4. She's Inspiring AF!

The proud Dominican is always empowering her fans and followers through her lyrics and platforms. Recently La Negra wrote, "I am more than just a pretty face. My true beauty comes from within me! For those that don’t believe that dreams can come true. Join me in my journey and watch me prove them wrong! You can do anything you put you mind too.. Never let anyone bring you down or tell you that you can’t!" Make no mistake this Afro-Latina is here to stay!

5. Her Melanin Magic is Flawless.

Black Latinx are not exactly represented in Hollywood, and the Love & Hip Hop reality star is ready to change that. After being accused several times of painting on a black face, the Amara has confirmed numerous times her skin is real and her beauty is skin deep. She is raising awareness on colorism in the Hispanic community while empowering young little brown and black girls to feel enough their own skin.

6. She's All About Her Momma!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The young Dominican star and her mami Ana Maria Oleaga are super close. As we get to know La Negra this season, we learn how important her relationship with her mother is. Watching their mommy and me moments are cute, heartfelt, and downright entertaining. That's right, she's got it from her momma! Watch the two below and get ready to shed a tear.

7. Yasss! True Fashionista!

From vibrant hues to fun patterns, it's never a dull fashion moment with this stylish Dominican Queen! Amara is known for embracing her curves and sporting colorful outfits, and she's just getting started. Watch her hit the streets of Miami as she shows off her lady lumps in bright hues, and tons of chic' looks.